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r family a more ha

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Ble Medlem: 25 Jun 2018
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r family a more ha  Svar med Sitat  

In family life, it is inseparable from courtesy etiquette. Apart from the fact that people in the family come and go, it is necessary to be polite and polite in the family, which is one of the important symbols of contemporary civilization. There should be some politeness between the husband and wife, between the father and the son, and between the brothers and sisters, paying attention to some etiquette. A harmonious family life often shines with the embellishment of ��family gifts��. Our country has been a world-famous state of ceremonies since ancient times. Many traditional ceremonies have been widely received and favored overseas, and even we are eager to follow suit. According to research, many etiquettes and rituals in Japan have evolved from the rituals of the Tang Dynasty in China Cigarettes For Sale , and it can be said that they have a long history. However, we have gradually weakened and alienated the family etiquette in the frenzy of abandoning the old traditional morality. It is even more exaggerating to say that this kind of practice of ��sipping a bath and pouring a child down�� is really biased today. It must be said that there are still a few people who ignore family etiquette. The vast rural areas are not mentioned, even in some families with higher cultural levels. In some families with lower cultural levels in the city, the phenomenon of omitting the name between husband and wife is widespread. In daily life, people use the interjection of words instead of the name, and some simply call each other "I say"; the elders do not have a nickname for the younger generation, and often refer to the boss as the second child; the younger generations often say no to the elders. Thanks to the loved ones, they are not grateful; they are detrimental to their loved ones and refuse to apologize. The reason is: "A spoon in a pot can't make a guest ." "There is more courtesy, it seems to be a student." Yes, there is an old saying in China called " The gift of family can not be applied frequently. My understanding is that for those cumbersome polite expressions, there should be a discarding of the selection, and this does not mean the fundamental removal of the courtesy etiquette of the family. Polite expressions can be simplified and simplified, but whether or not to pay attention to family etiquette is another matter. The family rites mentioned here are not limited to a lot of time in a common way of life, a greeting of concern; a euphemistic apology; a sincere and sincere thankfulness can play a role in harmonizing the family atmosphere. The ��home��, a port of life that is moored, is more warm and serene. The common practice of family rituals can alleviate contradictions within the family and make the members of the family unite and harmonious. It is inevitable that there will be minor incidents in the day; If the two parties to the contradiction can treat each other with enthusiasm, in the mutual understanding, they will scorn each other in the experience of politeness and style, so that the communication of the heart will be beneficial to the healthy growth of future generations, so that they will receive good courtesy behavior from an early age. The edification, shaping the perfect personality, and solid foundation for them to become a social life in the future, because courtesy is the passport to the stage of life. Today, we are happy to see that countless families under the sun have stepped into the new with countless good wishes Cigarettes Online . century. In the first spring of this new century, please pay attention to "family gifts" and wish your family a more happy and happy life!

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