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Blade & Soul: How to Pass Hell Furnace\'s Steel

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Ble Medlem: 10 Mar 2016
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Blade & Soul: How to Pass Hell Furnace\'s Steel  Svar med Sitat  

Steel’s normal attack pattern is similar to the robot in Mushin Tower Floor 14.By a way, if you want some cheap bns gold , just click it.

Normal Attack:
Swipe x 2 > Poke x 2 (Knock down) > Laser / Machine Gun (Knock back) > AOE push back (can be disable/cc, but cannot be lifted/grabbed, can be seized)

*** If the tanker is > 5m away, the boss will pull the tanker in and weaken him, followed by AOE knockback (if you never wake up immediately). This will be repeated indefinitely. So, if you are the aggro holder, make sure you are within 5m from the boss. Use Resist skill or freeze the tanker to avoid this endless cycle.

After casting 1 round of normal attack, Steel will use Attack Mode 1.

Attack Mode 1: Summon Blue Robots
Boss will summon 3 recovery Blue Robots at 12, 7, 4 o’clock relative to him. They will heal the boss’s HP. All other party members, except for the tanker, should kill these machines quickly.

After this, he will use another AOE push back and go in Attack Mode 2.

Attack Mode 2: Summon Red Robots
He will summon 3 red robots near him. Everybody should NOT attack the red robot. If nobody touches the red robot, they will jump to the tanker who should be using resist skill now.

At this time, station a long range damage dealer to stay near the edge of the room (to lure the missiles later)

When the 3 Red Robots gather, everyone should use high damage AOE attack to kill them instantly. If successful, the 3 Red Robots should drop 3 shields.

If the party does not manage to kill the 3 Red Robots fast enough, they self-destruct and will not leave the shields behind. The self-destruction of Red Robots can be delayed slightly with double cc/disable.

3 party members should pick up the shields and move to the edge of the rooms, the one who have no shield stay at the middle.

Attack Mode 3: Missiles > Lightning Balls
The boss will be floating up in the air at this time, and start launching 3 rounds of missiles at the furthest member from him. The member who is luring the missile normally does not hold the shield, and should make sure that at the end of the missiles bombardment, he is not the furthest person from the boss (move slightly towards the middle of the room). The missiles leave fire pits on the grounds.

After the 3 x missiles, Steel will mark the furthest person from him. One of the shield holder should move to the edge of the room or up the staircase (recommended). Steel will then launch 3 lightning balls to the marked person, and the shield bearer should press “1” to absorb the lightning (similar to the Stage 2 of Snow Jade Palace, except that the block timer is only 0.8sec).

After the 3rd lightning balls, the shield bearer should throw the shield at the boss to deal 750k of damage.

Attack Mode 4: Summon Blue Robot > Laser > Lightning Balls
The boss will summon 3 blue robots near him; and it should be destroyed immediately by members who are not holding shields.

Subsequently, Steel shoots 2 x laser (inducing knock back) at the furthest person from him. Normally the previous shield bearer will need stay on the staircase after throwing the shield, so that he will be the target for the laser.

Meanwhile, the next shield bearer, should move up the other stair case after seeing the laser is targeted at the previous shield bearer.

The boss will mark the furthest member from him again, and shoot 3 lightning balls at him.

Similarly, absorb the 3 lightning balls and throw the shield back at the boss to deal very high damage.

Subsequently, Steel will cast an 3-hit AOE attack, which can be interrupted by throwing the shield at him.

Steel will drop down from the air and stay down for about 8sec. Towards the end of the 8sec, kungfu master or summoner’s cat can sit/seize the boss to further extend the down time (cannot be lifted or grabbed by destroyer/lyn blade master).

**** If the absorption of lightning balls are not performed successful, the boss will NOT be shot down from the air with shield throw and 3-hit AOE attack will be cast. I-frame skills or party resist skills should be used in this case.

Regardless, the boss will land in the middle of the room again, and repeat Attack Mode 1. Attack Mode 1 > 4 is repeated until the boss is dead.

NOTE: the video shows an older version of the mechanics whereby there is additional rounds of missiles. The new mechanics is slightly simpler.

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